Holy Name Cemetery Burial Index

Note: the indicies are the result of volunteer-donated data and are to be used for personal, non-commercial genealogical research only. They may not be compiled, repurposed or otherwise used in a derivative format for commercial sale.

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Name of Deceased   Age       Location Burial Date      
Last First Middle Yrs Mos Days Hours Sec Plot Mo/Day Year FHL FILM# Comments or handwritten notes on film (if applicable)
DOLCE Anna   57       E 5 100 9/21 1925 1412636  
DOLCE John H 73       One K 2 3/24 1959 1412636  
DOLCE Joseph   60       H E-D 32 2/18 1956 1412636  
DOLCE Lorraine         6 E H 89 6/6 1946 1412636  
DOLCE Philip   91       H E-D 32 6/12 1954 1412636  

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